Camp NaNoWriMo is here!


Put on your Viking helm, grab your pen and drink plenty of coffee!

NaNoWriMo camp is upon us!


As the title reads, I’ll be joining NaNoWriMo camp this April with my secondary novel project, the Romance story „Sasaki“. It’ll be the first time I’m joining a writing camp at this time of year. And I’m excited to see who will be my victim–err I mean, cabin mates this NaNoWriMo.

I’m probably not going to bother Tetisheri this camp as she’s hating me forever because I keep changing the story of White Destiny all the time (kind of make it impossible for her to write Black Existence). I see Neko is still following me from July camp. Hey Neko, if you want to spend another camp together, send me a memo.

Back to the book Sasaki I’ll be writing this April. Most of my writings have been in over-the-top Mystery…

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Über Neko

Freche kleine Katze mit einer Leidenschaft für Bücher und Geschichten :3 Meow!
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